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Claims file: Light issue, heavy problem

by Lew Migliore

I received a letter asking for my expertise. What is interesting is that the carpet in these offices has been installed for years. It is not a new claim.

The questions

The carpet is over 10 years old and in some offices it is turning light green. Most offices have windows but there are a few interior offices that are showing the same reaction. We recently had several offices professionally cleaned and soon after we start- ed seeing carpet fibers/particles all over the chair mats and chairs, even after nightly vacuuming. My questions are: Continue reading Claims file: Light issue, heavy problem

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Clean Sweep: Cleaning for Health

Final part of four

by Michael Pinto

Over the last three articles I presented information regarding the concept of cleaning for health. It can be difficult because individuals don’t always focus on aspects that could have a positive impact on their businesses.

One example is in higher risk environments like healthcare facilities, where the most successful programs are a collaboration between medical personnel who understand the risks to patients and restoration contractors who are familiar with various building issues. Continue reading Clean Sweep: Cleaning for Health

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Distributors’ Perspective: Bringing you the best

by Robert Wagner

For three days in November, the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD), will be breaking with tradition.

Don’t worry. The annual conference will continue to offer you everything you value—networking, education, the distributor’s marketplace—but what is changing is that NAFCD will be joining another leading organization, the North American Building Material Distribution Association (NBMDA) for this year’s conference.

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Salesmanship: Service what you sell

by Warren Tyler

There has been an effort from the retail merchandise groups to service what they sell. Part of this effort has been to offer in-house carpet cleaning operations, but participation, so far, has been sparse. Group members should jump on this opportunity to keep customers coming back and as a significant source of income.

For years auto dealers have used this strategy of servicing what you sell to retain customers. This has been one of the biggest weaknesses of the flooring industry. Thus far our most powerful weapon in this battle to keep a “customer for a life- time” has been personable salespeople.

Wet cleaning in the hands of certified and competent operators is an acceptable form of maintenance in the eyes of some industry people, but wet cleaning in the hands of consumers can be a disaster. Most Americans believe “the more the better” and in cleaning carpet that means more water and more shampoo.

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Installments: Gross vs. net charges

by David Stafford

The question of what is right, correct or an industry standard in charging for flooring products and installation keeps coming up. As a former dealer and flooring contractor with retail, commercial and government work experience of over 22 years, I’d like to offer an answer.

Carpet, resilient, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, stone or other manufactured products are all made to a certain size. It is pure coincidence if a product fits the space where it is to be installed. You can bet that during installation minor or not so minor trimming must be done for a quality installation. In fact, most products are made with the idea that trimming must be done. For example, we have the selvedge edge of broadloom car- pet or cutting hardwood for a room that is not square. Within the fashion industry—whether flooring, wall covering, lumber or a brand new suit—trimming, cutting fitting and pattern matching must be done. Continue reading Installments: Gross vs. net charges

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Claims: Underlayment vs. self-leveling

by Lew Migliore

This column was instigated by a commercial flooring contractor who was questioned on the use of underlayment versus a self-leveling material for the installation of new car- pet tile.

The installation proposal stated underlayment was included but the customer disagreed with an additional charge for the self-leveling required for a successful installation. They felt underlayment and self-leveling materials were the same thing and were already paying for it. While both materials do go under flooring, there is a very distinct difference.

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Financial: Legislation and tax impacts

by Bart Basi

If you live in the U.S. you are well aware of the economic situation. According to the Beige Book published by the Federal Reserve, nearly every sector of industry in every geographical region of the country is in an economy that is essentially stuck in neutral. While some indicators suggest the recession is over from a gross domestic product (GDP) stand- point, nearly every other indicator, including employment, spending, job, security and the consumer confidence index, all suggest the populace is not in prime condition.

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Salesmanship: Professional selling

by Warren Tyler

Sales are the most critical element to the success of any business. Nothing happens until the sale is made. Yes, merchandise is important, especially if it is unique, and marketing creates the desire for a company’s products, but all this can be trumped by a professional salesperson working for a competing company. One of my concerns with our industry is that the people who run retail groups are focusing more and more on marketing and less on selling skills.

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