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Unilin implements Eco Tools technology in first two facilities

Wilsbeke, Belgium—Unilin’s technical team traveled to China in late October to set up the first two milling lines to use its new cutting tool layout, Eco Tools. SS Floors and Jiangsu Success Wood Products (Pridon), two well-known resilient flooring producers from China, have adopted the new tool layout in their existing SPC milling lines.

“The technical team of Unilin did an amazing job,” said Richard Yao, president of Jiangsu Success Wood Products and the brand Pridon.“Without making any major investments the milling speed of my SPC line is up by 50% and at this higher speed the energy consumption of my milling line has decreased by 25%.”

Peter Li, general manager of SS Floors, expressed an additional advantage of Eco tools: “The milling speed of our SPC line has gone up tremendously. On top of that the wear of the tools is lower than before. With Eco Tools we can produce more square meters of SPC flooring with the same cutting tools.”

According to Unilin, Eco Tools’ unique geometry minimizes impact and friction with the flooring material during the milling process, resulting in lower energy consumption, faster production speeds and increased output. “From the in-line results at SS Floors and Pridon we can confirm that with Eco Tools the milling speed of rigid materials can be increased by 50%, from about 60 meters per minute up to 90 meters per minute,” explained Jan De Rick, technical manager for the IP division of Unilin.

The patented Eco Tools technology will be offered to Unilin IP’s licensing base through selected tool supplier partners and will be presented at the upcoming Domotex fair.