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Retail Lead Management acquires scheduling, field management platform

Columbus, Ohio—Retail Lead Management (RLM), a leader in lead management and CRM software, has acquired NetScheduler from America's Floor Source (AFS). NetScheduler is a prototype scheduling and field management software that AFS has been developing for 15 months.

Jason Goldberg, owner and CEO of AFS and CEO of RLM, said the acquisition of NetScheduler just makes sense for the future development of the RLM platform. “NetScheduler was a project we started at AFS to bring scheduling and field management for the flooring industry into the 21st century. Originally this software was just being built for AFS; however, with the tremendous growth RLM has seen over the last two years—and with the flooring space severely lacking a modern-day operating platform—I decided to make NetScheduler another part of the RLM operating universe.”

RLM started out the same way. The software was originally developed by AFS for AFS. After using the software for a few months, Goldberg decided it was needed throughout the flooring space and made it available to all flooring dealers. The lead management software was spun off from AFS and RLM was born in April 2017.

According to Goldberg, who has been vocal about the need to invest in better tools and cross-functionality, acquisition of the NetScheduler software was a substantial investment. “AFS has spent an enormous amount of time and money developing this prototype. RLM will be investing hundreds of thousands more to complete NetScheduler and integrate it into RLM.”

With this acquisition, RLM will grow from a platform for managing leads and customers to one that can also manage installation scheduling and field management. These are vital operating functions for flooring dealers, and Goldberg went on to say there is still a lot of work ahead to finish NetScheduler and make it available to the flooring community.

“We're excited,” he said. “Building the next generation of flooring software is something that this industry has needed for a long time.”

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