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Daltile launches nature-inspired ONE Quartz Surfaces line extensions

The countertop in this bathroom features Jasmine White.

Dallas—Daltile has introduced four new designs into its ONE Quartz Surfaces Nature Series assortment.This quartz slab series offers nature-inspired stone designs for countertops and walls, while providing the low-maintenance benefits and durability for which Daltile’s ONE Quartz Surfaces are known. The latest unveiling features the ultimate in fashion-based designs.

“Daltile’s new Nature Series line extensions offer the height of luxurious fashion-forward style and feature sophisticated design, movement, color, veining and nuanced shading for highly realistic marble looks in today’s hottest colors,” said Roy Viana, director of natural stone and slab for Dal-Tile Corporation, parent company of the Daltile brand. “Two of our new products offer ‘classic’ marble designs, while the other two provide unique ‘contemporary’ marble looks.”

Jasmine White and Kodiak feature the classic marble designs. “People are still in love with classic, white marbles,” Viana said. “Our new Jasmine White is a smooth marble design, inspired by classic white Carrara Gioia Italian Marble. Carrara Gioia is known for its cool white background and thinner, shorter veins. Jasmine White quartz slabs provide the beauty and elegance of classic marble in a durable, low-maintenance material, giving designers and homeowners the ability to feature the beauty of white marble in areas that would not be conducive to using real marble.”

The design of Kodiak is softer than Jasmine White, according to Viana.“Kodiak offers a warmer white background with soft veins that are not as distinctive. This design works well for classic traditional as well as contemporary settings. Many consumers and designers are moving to what I call ‘modern contemporary’, mixing classic marble within spaces that overall feature a contemporary aesthetic. Kodiak works well in this setting, adding a splash of a classic touch.”

Alpine Winte and Aspren Grey feature more contemporary marble looks. “Both of these new quartz slabs feature designs that are ‘contemporary take-offs’ of classic marbles,” Viana explained. “Both designs are within the marble family as far as movement goes, but the technology that produces quartz allows us to mix in a lot of different colors and shades; do some tone-on-tone; and mix pigments and aggregates to create really unique marble looks that you don’t usually find in Mother Nature.”

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