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RollMaster Software launches new translation feature

Hammond, La.—RollMaster Software continues to advance the capability of its core flooring business software with the introduction of multilingual documents, made possible by its progressive API technology. This latest feature, a part of its third quarter 2019 release, allows translation of comment lines to another language on both customer-facing documents like quotes, sales agreements, receipts and invoices, as well as on work orders, including batch work orders.

“We pride ourselves on constantly developing programming enhancements to help our clients work smarter, not harder,” said Kelly Oechslin, product marketing manager, RollMaster Software.

According to Oechslin, this new process is as simple as typing comments in English then clicking a “Translate Notes” checkbox during the print process. Customers can set a default language, but they are also able to switch to another language right from the print screen.

“Having the ability to communicate with customers in their primary language will ultimately open up new markets for RollMaster users,” she added. “This technology adds value, not only in a financial sense, but also in terms of creating awareness of a store’s brand, services, and product offerings to a whole new customer demographic. What better way to build trust among non-English speaking clientele and subcontractors than by providing documents in their preferred language.”

The feature currently supports twelve languages including Spanish, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Tagalog and Vietnamese. Future software updates will include more languages and RollMaster clients can request any language needed to accelerate the availability of that language. Additional programming will allow for a language to be tied to a specific installer, and to allow multiple languages on a single work order.

“This was a natural addition for us because we’ve already invested so much in our API technology that it’s no longer a question of how we do something on this level, but when,” Oechslin said. “This particular feature is part of the core system and will instantly be available to all our RollMaster clients.”