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Laticrete launches NXT Level SP

Bethany, Conn.—Laticrete has introduced NXT Level SP, a coarse-sanded, polishable, cementitious self-leveling concrete overlay with a "salt-and-pepper" appearance that is designed to function as a high-strength wear surface or underlayment.

With its ability to be pourable and pumpable, NXT Level SP is ideal for use in new construction and repairs to polished slabs in malls, department stores, supermarkets, hotels, apartment buildings, car dealerships and other high-traffic areas in need of a durable, low-maintenance wear surface.

“At Laticrete, our research and development team is always looking to create products that make people’s lives easier,” said Elvis Torres, product manager – concrete remediation, Laticrete. “NXT Level SP flattens floors that can be walked on in as little as two hours and polished as soon as one day after application, providing minimal downtime for the facility and following trades. Once cured, the concrete overlay can remain as is or quickly topped with flooring materials or coatings if another look is desired.”

Additional performance features of NXT Level SP include high abrasion resistance, which contributes to its low maintenance and longer appearance retention, and high compressive strength of 7,000 PSI making the flooring more durable and versatile for end-user installations. The product also boasts an inorganic low alkali cement-based formulation that will not contribute to or harbor growth of mold or mildew.

NXT Level SP is available in a 50-pound bag and is sold via Laticrete distributors and MVPs.