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FloorForce: Digital powerhouse

August 19/26, 2019: Volume 35, Issue 5

By Lindsay Baillie


(Editor’s note: This is the second installment in a series detailing how flooring dealers are enhancing their digital presence by partnering with FloorForce.)


David Brough, owner of Brough Carpets in Lapeer, Mich., first partnered with FloorForce back in February 2012, when the digital solutions company revamped and began managing the flooring store’s website. “I saw an ad for FloorForce and thought, ‘I need to give those folks a call because we’re in need of a new website,’” Brough explained. “Our old site wasn’t doing anything I wanted it to do.”

This remained the extent of their partnership until earlier this year when Brough talked with FloorForce about taking over the store’s digital marketing. “Prior to using FloorForce, I stumbled along and tried to handle the digital marketing on my own—I was getting nowhere fast with it,” Brough told FCNews. “Results weren’t impressive at all, and it was just taking up too much of my time. FloorForce took over our AdWords in February, and by the time March hit we could tell there was a significant increase

in our business. The analytics FloorForce provided were very impressive.”

Once April came along the business grew tremendously. “By the end of July, we were up 42% over 2018,” Brough added. “To see our numbers grow the way they have, it just blows my mind.”

In addition to managing Brough Carpets’ website and digital marketing, FloorForce has also taken over the company’s Facebook advertising. What’s more, the flooring dealer meets with the FloorForce team every month to discuss analytics and digital strategy.

“There was a Facebook video ad last month that they put up and it was crazy watching the number of views grow,” Brough explained. “The video went from 800 views to 1,000—which is pretty cool. Then it got 1,500 views, then 2,000 views, and then it went to 5,000 views. By the end of July, the ad was up over 22,000 views. I was never able to get any kind of results like that on my own.”

Brough believes many independent retailers can benefit from partnering with FloorForce. “Owning a small business, you tend to wear too many hats,” he said. “When you bring in a company like FloorForce, where they can handle not only your website but also take over that digital side of things, they can really help elevate and grow your business.”