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Aggretex Systems partners with Adleta, Wanke Cascade

San Francisco—Aggretex SC, LLC (Aggretex) has announced new strategic partnerships with two of the nation’s premier flooring and construction products distributors.

“Aggretex is thrilled to unveil our new partnerships with both The Adleta Corp. and Wanke Cascade,” said Curt Thompson, the founder and president, Aggretex. “Our ever-expanding presence in the decorative concrete space coupled with our ability to deliver solid solutions in the powders and chemical business will help both these great distributors deal with the impact that concrete has had on the traditional flooring channel.”

The newly established relationship comes at a pivotal time when the demand for decorative concrete solutions continues to climb with much of this growth coming at the expense of the traditional flooring market. Similarly, the traditional concrete space is going through a strong evolution as architects, designers, and end users realize they no longer have to be satisfied thinking about concrete as merely structural.

“While our flooring business continues to grow, we felt like we were missing out on participating in a space that has impacted us,” said John Sher, Adleta’s president. “We’ve always been out in front of the product curve as markets change and this category is the next chapter for us. We expect to bring all of our value-added strategies and services to this space which will help us continue to diversify and grow our company.”

Rob Tarver, president of Wanke Cascade, echoed Sher’s sentiments. “We’ve been studying the decorative concrete market for two years and discovered Aggretex. It was important for us to find a product that was not only proprietary and unique but the next generation in concrete. We’ve noticed the significant share that decorative concrete has taken from traditional finished good flooring and Aggretex gives an opportunity to participate in this growing channel both inside and out.”

Aggretex has been a pioneer in decorative concrete products used in a number of applications. The product portfolio includes their proprietary products called Smashed for exterior concrete along with an innovative approach to the interior, polishable overlay market. “The foundation of our company is to provide products that give our clients the ultimate in design flexibility, control and predictability—which is significant in our space. We balance the decorative elements with a comprehensive offering of support products to ensure our client’s projects turn out as expected,” said Thompson. “We look forward to continuing our expansion throughout the Americas in the coming months.”