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Duchateau launches The Guild

Joist from the Makerlab Edition collection.

San Diego—Duchateau continues to expand its offerings with the introduction of The Guild, a completely new line of attractively priced hardwood flooring.

The Guild was designed out of a desire to bring high-style to a new generation of homeowners who are seeking elegance, distinction and durability all at an affordable price. “We are excited to bring our well-known Duchateau design aesthetic to a new category of consumers—first-time homeowners,” said Misael Tagle, CEO, Duchateau.

The new line features three distinct collections: Lineage Series, Makerlab Edition and the Craft & Commerce Line. Each collection varies in sizing with multiple color options that are inspired by people, craftsmanship and artistry.

The Lineage Series consists of seven colorways, all sized at a 7.5-inch plank width—the classic Duchateau plank size. Each colorway is named after popular female names of this generation. The Chloe design features a natural, raw-wood look without sacrificing durability. The Riley hue adds smoky tones to the natural look, providing a gently aged appearance. The Maddie design blends mid-tone browns with a cool gray undertone. The Everly hue is a unique blend of brown, gray and olive. The Hailee is a smoky beige, with white in the grain to bring the natural movement front and center. The Harley mixes together a light and mid-tone brown, creating a richly elegant look. Lastly, the Ashley mixes together a darker coffee tone with a medium cool brown.

Makerlab Edition is a 3-inch plank width, a narrow width combined with long planks to create a look that challenges the status quo and is unique to Duchateau. The collection is offered in four hues, each named after a woodworking tool or key structural element. Joist is the highest-variation floor, featuring a dramatic range of tones from mid-brown to rich coffee. Chisel has blue and gray tones mixed precisely with light brown to create the perfect greige. Lathe is a mixture of taupe to light mocha with touches of white in the grain. Planer has a natural European oak visual with a smoky undertone.

The Craft & Commerce Line, available as 6-inch planks, provides a mid-width option—an ideal size for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Each hue was named for a traditional craftsman profession, celebrating the artisanship and craft that goes into every Duchateau product. Osler is a creamy tan with white in the grain and minimal variation. Baxter has warmer brown tones front and center, with a touch of white in the grain to soften the look. Fifer has more mid-tone cooler browns, for a modern twist. Vitner has a pronounced grain pattern and darker brown tones. Peddler is a contemporary color that falls equally between brown and gray with taupe undertones.

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