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Tarkett launches new collections at HD Expo

Solon, Ohio—Tarkett will showcase its expertise in design and innovation across multiple flooring materials at HD Expo, May 15-17. This expo marks the first hospitality trade show to showcase all of Tarkett’s acquired brands, such as Lexmark, under one brand.

The Tarkett exhibit space (#3621) will be transformed into a display of sophisticated design elements with special emphasis on its newest concept collection MergEmerge. The floor design will feature woven Axminster, tufted broadloom, custom LVT and Victory LVT. Product wall displays will tie together all of its flooring and accessory solutions for the hospitality market.

In keeping with Tarkett’s reputation as a prolific and innovative global company, a variety of products will be on display and introduced at HD Expo, including:

MergEmerge, a new custom concept collection, is an experiment in the blending of soft and hard surfaces. The MergEmerge collection combines pattern and texture unlike anyone has done before. As a visual metaphor for the Tarkett brand, the line represents the creative chemistry that ignites when we come together.

Classic and Vintage collection
Building on the timeless tradition of 19th century European design, Classic and Vintage grace public spaces and guest rooms with welcoming luxury. Every layered detail is exquisitely crafted—from grand scrolls and free-flowing lines to weathered texture and geometric tiling—and brought to life in a regal palette of soft, muted tones.

Kasbah and Nomad collection
The Kasbah collection is defined by free-floating geometrics sparked by a wandering nature and a love for primitive textiles. The soothing neutrals invite travelers with an unrestricted Bohemian feel and a foundation for eclectic accents, curated through a life of adventure. Kasbah’s fractured lines evoke immediate curiosity for this new place, while Nomad softens guest rooms with dancing repetition.

Mod and Atomic collection
Inspired by the bold shapes and saturated colors of mid-century modern design, Mod fills public spaces with a contagious energy and optimism. In guest rooms, Atomic combines linear sensibility with intersecting curves, bringing playful movement and a 1950s feel.

Surf and Seagrass collection
From the stillness of a small lake to the crashing of ocean waves, water has always provided healing energy. Surf and Seagrass are inspired by sandy shores and dancing tides, bringing the therapeutic rejuvenation of coastal living to interior spaces.

Terra and Tellus collection
Terra and Tellus celebrate the profound brilliance of our natural surroundings—the unfailing strength, free-flowing color and weathered texture of each rock formation.

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