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JTG honors Gutierrez, employees, suppliers

May 27/June 3, 2019: Volume 34, Issue 25

By Steven Feldman


Atlanta—JTG Inc., the Ted Gregerson-owned parent company of Ted’s Abbey Carpet & Floor and Floors to Go of Aniston (Ala.), recently hosted its 14th annual awards banquet here to acknowledge employees of both stores. There was certainly cause for celebration during the event after the company completed its second consecutive record year in 2018, growing more than 16% to $8.5 million from the two stores.

While it is not an everyday occurrence for a mid-size flooring retailer to host an event of this nature for its employees, Gregerson clearly sees the value in it. “First, it is a way to acknowledge our employees who contributed to our record year—a year worthy of recognition. It also allows us to come together as one company, to get both stores together to appreciate the fact they are bigger than just their one store. The stores are five miles apart and each other’s biggest competitor. This is the one time where we can celebrate together.”

Gregerson said the event has evolved to the point where it also serves to show appreciation for its key supplier partners. “We only invite suppliers we view as partners—those who join hands with us when we are having a problem, those who will work with us on price.”

Conversely, the event also allows suppliers to see the company in a different light—the type of operations it runs, the type of team it has. “Our suppliers get to see where the real strength of the company comes from,” Gregerson noted.

JTG Award
As part of the night’s festivities, Gregerson presented Phil Gutierrez, chairman, CEO and president of Abbey Carpet & Floor, with the JTG Award, becoming only the second person in the program’s history to receive the honor (JTG executive vice president Run Hurley was the other recipient).

Gutierrez was honored in recognition of everything he has done for both JTG as a company and Gregerson personally. “It’s like being inducted into our Hall of Fame. It’s a person who has made a contribution to our company that no one else could have in that way.”

Partner of the Year went to Mohawk for 2018. According to Gregerson, that award is given to a suppler with which JTG does a considerable amount of business, gives good pricing and terms, handles claims seamlessly and keeps issues with deliveries to a minimum. “The rep has a lot to do with it,” he said. “The good ones help us to be profitable.”

Employees and suppliers who received awards at the banquet included:

•JTG Spirit Award: Ben Johnson
•$15 Million Club: Sharon Rutherford
•Installer Appreciation Award: Joe Williams
•Abbey Carpet Gross Profit Percentage: Jason Gregerson
•Floors to Go Gross Profit Percentage: Jeff Blackburn
•Abbey Carpet Highest Sales Volume: Sharon Rutherford
•Floors to Go Highest Sales Volume: Chip Jancsek
•Employee Appreciation Award: Sharon Rutherford
•Business Partner of the Year: Terry Wheat, RFMS
•Rep of the Year: Tyler Pruitt, Mohawk