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Atmysphere chosen as Domotex 2020’s keynote theme

Hannover, Germany—After a successful Domotex 2019, preparations are already ramping up for next year’s edition. The upcoming show, to be held from Jan.10 to 13, 2020, has Atmysphere as its keynote theme, symbolizing its central focus on all those qualities of floors and floor coverings that contribute to wellbeing, naturalness and sustainability.

“This year, as indeed in previous years, the lead theme is inspired by a current megatrend,” explained Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Deutsche Messe’s global director Domotex. “That trend is society’s heightened focus on health. Health is synonymous with quality of life and living well—and therefore translates into high expectations of the spaces around us. Alongside this, considerations of sustainability and recycling—and hence natural materials—continue to play a major role in our society … With the right materials and design, carpets and floor coverings can be important factors in personal wellbeing and in the design of homes and workplaces that promote it.”

The “Framing Trends” showcase at Domotex 2020 is a unique opportunity for manufacturers, artists and students to stage interior designs inspired by the Atmysphere keynote theme and hence position themselves as trend leaders in innovative products and solutions for today’s modern floors. Applications for participation at the Framing Trends showcase are now open. Interested exhibitors and flooring-industry companies are invited to submit their ideas for displays of indoor oases of wellbeing that are built from the floor up.

With its stimulating, high-quality program of talks, lectures and discussion panels based on the Atmysphere keynote theme, Framing Trends is the beating heart of the Domotex show. It is a forum where creatives from all design-oriented professions can meet up, make new contacts, find inspiration and do business.

The organizers are keen for the show’s exhibitors to get behind Atmysphere and make it happen. “Ideally we would like all exhibitors—whether exhibiting within or outside the Framing Trends showcase—to draw inspiration from it and hence base their displays in a meaningful way on our keynote theme,” said Wedell-Castellano. “That way, Atmysphere will be reflected in all of the exhibition halls, creating the perfect, attractive atmosphere for four busy days of tradeshow action.”

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