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City of opportunities: Living and working in NYC

This column was written and sponsored by Outpost Club.


New York City is known as one of the greatest cultural hubs in America. Every year the city sees millions of young graduates and professionals move to the city with hopes of fulfilling an exciting career journey. Studies indicate that 25% of the city’s labor force is from outside of the United States. Following are a few things you need to know when considering moving to NYC for work.

Traveling. People who live in NYC spend nearly seven hours per week on travelling to and from work. Because of this, New Yorkers have the longest working week in America, which is almost 49 hours per week. Many travellers commute to Manhattan from the boroughs for work and this means the population doubles on a daily basis from 1.6 million to 3.1 million. People travel via the subway—which is the most common method of transportation—as well as by bus, train, ferry and kayak.

Average wage. A full-time worker in NYC earns about 16% more than the average full-time workers in other parts of America. Statistics show that Manhattan has a weekly average wage of $2,954.

Rent. Rent in NYC can be very expensive. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in NYC is $2,662 per month. However, you do have other options like co-living. You will find many apartments to share on the Outpost Club website. These apartments offer you the opportunity to live in a fully furnished apartment, with many great amenities (Wi-Fi, gymnasium, pool, etc.), at discounted prices. It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

Cost of living. It is not easy to live in NYC but it is also not impossible especially if you live on a budget. There are many ways you can save money and make your stay in the city more affordable. One of these is opting to eat at home rather than buying food daily.

Tips for expats. The following are a few tips from people who have moved to NYC and thrived in the city:

  1. Take the subway. Rather than buying a car, taking the subway is the most economical and saves you time that you would ordinarily spend in traffic.
  2. Get to know the city. There is no better way than exploring what the city has to offer. This way you can acquaint yourself with regular specials and be more knowledgeable of how you can save money on necessities.
  3. Invest in a good pair of shoes. This is important as you might find yourself walking a lot, especially in your first few weeks in the city.
  4. You should try to build up social contacts before moving. This will ensure that you have contacts in the city when you get there. You can reach out to them once you are in the city and they can help you adjust and settle in.

Embrace the change that NYC offers and be sure to take advice from people who have successfully managed to live and work in NYC from other parts of the world.