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Nox buys Hunter Douglas’ production facility in Korea

Acquisition expands manufacturing capabilities


At Surfaces 2019 Nox put the spotlight on Loom+ product, a product with a vinyl core topped with carpeting.

Las Vegas—Nox Corp., one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of LVT, recently announced the acquisition of Hunter Douglas Korea’s R&D center, production facility and window blinds business unit. The acquisition will allow Nox to continue developing new woven products and technologies such as carpets, rugs, mats and interior field surfaces.

Specifically, the acquisition will help Nox increase production capacity of its Loompremium woven tile brand, which was showcased here at TISE last month. The product—which closely resembles carpet but reported offers additional benefits over traditional soft surface tiles—utilizes a surface coating technology that aims to provide superior stain-resistance.

“Compared to regular carpet, Loom+ holds clear advantages: better durability and easier maintenance while being more eco-friendly,” said Jee Eun Lee, director, product planning and marketing team, Nox. “Loomdoes not cause odor or dust buildup, making it a more attractive choice than regular carpet.”

Nox’s purchase of the Hunter Douglas facility in South Korea reflects synergies with the company’s existing operations. For example, through this acquisition, Nox will be able to apply its integrated vertical production system to woven tiles as well. According to Lee, this allows the company the capability to manufacture the products completely in-house, including each component to the finished product. “Our competency lies in producing everything in house—from the top layer to printing to middle layer to lower layer,” Lee told FCNews. “When we launched Loom, we had to get supply from other facilities. “Now we can manufacture all the yarns and weaving together.”

With the acquisition of Hunter Douglas Korea’s R&D center and production facility, the company plans to establish NOX “Texterior,” a division that will operate as a separate entity within the corporation. By continuing to work closely with Hunter Douglas Korea, Nox Texterior will strengthen production and increase sales of its sunscreen business unit both inside and outside Korea.

“Our company’s vision is to expand our product portfolio,” Lee said. “The acquisition will also lower prices for our customers.”