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Mirage launches new texture with DuraMatt finish on White Oak Natural

Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada—Mirage has added a new texture combined with the DuraMatt finish on White Oak Natural.

The new textured wood surface is brushed so it conceals everyday scuffs and marks, making these floors ideal for today’s busy families. Combined with Mirage’s DuraMatt finish, White Oak Brushed Natural creates a relaxed look with a touch of refinement for modern and classic decors alike.

White Oak Brushed combined with the DuraMatt finish is also now available in Carousel from the Sweet Memories collection. This combination delivers sleek-looking, creamy white floors that add a splash of light to any room.

“White Oak Brushed Natural with Mirage’s DuraMatt finish is the perfect addition to our range of North American species—one that’s sure to satisfy architects, designers and consumers wanting a natural, timeless, matte look that’s far from ordinary,” said Brad Williams, vice president of sales and marketing at Boa-Franc, makers of the Mirage brand. “The prominent textured grain combined with the matte finish make it a favorite among designers.”

White Oak Brushed Natural and White Oak Brushed Carousel are available in Classic (4¼ inches), Engineered (5 inches and 6½ inches for both and 7¾ inches for Carousel only) and TruBalance (5 inches) technologies with the DuraMattfinish.