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CCA Global Partners hosts former NYC mayor, business leaders

Manchester, N.H.—CCA Global Partners’ Howard Brodsky hosted former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, current Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig and 16 New Hampshire business leaders at CCA’s office here, Jan. 29.

As Mayor Bloomberg considers a 2020 presidential run, this meeting served to provide him with insight into the current state of businesses and their needs.

“It is critically important for our future that our leaders understand the vision for the future of the business world and opportunities that exist for a more equal and equitable society,” Brodsky said. “I have great respect for Mayor Bloomberg for taking the time to hear directly from business leaders in our area.”
Mayor Bloomberg is not the first CCA guest with political significance. With corporate headquarters in Manchester, N.H., CCA Global Partners is frequently visited by national and state candidates from both parties who share their messages and answer questions.

“It is important to me that political candidates are accessible and open to conversations with their businesses,” Brodsky said. “I’m always pleased when we can facilitate this type of interaction.”

Shortly after learning about the cooperative business model and starting his cooperative in 1985, Brodsky began sharing his success stories with other business leaders and politicians around the world. “Through the cooperative business model, I have found that businesses can be profitable and successful while still contributing in a positive way to society,” Brodsky said. “As I share the success of our cooperative around the world, I hope I have helped others to understand the business model. This widespread understanding and acceptance of what I feel is the better business model could truly change the world.”