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Tarkett introduces new soft surfaces

Solon, Ohio—Tarkett has launched FlightPath and AirSpace, the company’s latest soft surface products featuring Powerbond.

Designed by Jhane Barnes, FlightPath and AirSpace were first inspired by the lines and angles of intersecting flight paths on an air traffic map. This aesthetic inspiration evolved into a beautifully functional flooring design—one that could simplify installation in contemporary architectural designs, where right angles and straight lines give way to open, multi-use spaces and curved walls.

“They all take off in different directions and create this beautiful chaos,” Barnes explained. “I thought how interesting it would be to design a carpet starting with just a few of those lines.”

FlightPath contains 14 different matching points in its 22-foot pattern repeat—that’s an opportunity every 19 inches for seams to align. AirSpace uses the same concept on a smaller scale and can be matched every 9 inches—either with end-to-end installation or side-to-side. Powerbond’s heterogeneous construction fuses nylon and closed-cell vinyl cushion together, creating a wall-to-wall moisture barrier with chemically welded seams.

In addition to functionality, the color palette for FlightPath and AirSpace have been carefully considered so they align with the Color Play LVT collection. Based on Tarkett’s latest design research in education and healthcare spaces, the Color Play palette was carefully constructed to include 24 hues in each of three mix-and-match pattern options for a total of 72 product solutions.

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