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Beauflor USA launches Blacktex HD, new collections in 2019

White, Ga.—Beauflor USA will be relaunching its popular Blacktex collection, as well as unveiling a new luxury sheet vinyl and two laminate collections in 2019.

The Blacktex collection will be relaunched in 2019 as Blacktex HD and will feature 30 SKUs, six new designs, improved colors and textures and added durability. This collection has been redesigned to emulate the beauty and excitement of nature while also bringing a sense of comfort and balance into the interior space. Shades of gray and brown mirror earth and stone, while embossed textures inspire visions of nature to remind consumers of their connection to the external environment.

Smartex Pro is a new luxury vinyl roll collection that will be available in 12-feet rolls. It features 12 new designs with a white textile backing for easier installation. The designs in this collection are inspired by traditional home design trends and target individuals who want a classic and simple look. Its low price point and simple installation process make it perfect for the first-time home owner and the do-it-yourself market.

Two new laminate collections, Eternity and Trendline Pro, will also be launched in 2019. Trendline Pro will feature eight SKUs, an overall 8 mm thickness, four sided bevels and a DUO locking system. The Eternity collection will be a higher-end product with eight SKUs, an overall 14 mm thickness, hydro-plus water-resistant warranty and in register embossing for added texture.

These collections showcase the innovation and product developments that the company has made in luxury vinyl rolls and laminate over the past year. With a commitment to continuous innovation and product development, Beauflor USA is proud to offer consumers products manufactured in America with cutting-edge technology.