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Engineered Floors introduces new displays

Dalton—Engineered Floors has created the ultimate “destination showroom” for its Dream Weaver dealers, equipped with smart new displays for soft and hard surface selling success. The new merchandising line-up includes three space-saving and easy-to-place pedestal displays showcasing the popular dealer brands: Dream Weaver for residential replacement, Dwellings for new homes and Pentz for Main Street Commercial.

“We’ve created a uniform branded presentation for our dealers,” said Mike Sanderson, vice president of marketing, Engineered Floors. “The total effect is a showing of quality, stylish flooring solutions no matter what you’re looking for.”

Each pedestal display has 20 slots for 18 x 24-inch sample handle cards and storage in the base. The total footprint for each is just over a modest 9 square feet.

In addition to the new pedestal displays, Engineered Floors updates its colorwall display into the PureBac destination colorwall display for 2019. With feelers, deck boards and lots of storage, this display spotlights the best of the Dream Weaver brand and its proprietary PureColor fiber system. Styles in this display feature all the advantages of Engineered Floors’ new PureBac secondary backing system and all the advantages of PureColor that solves common problems such as side match, roll ends, ease of installation, staining and fading. This display measures 52 x 80 x 31 inches.

Engineered Floors is also introducing its hard surfaces retail display. This destination 
showcase represents continued commitment to the category and a significant step up from the brand’s current stacker displays. “This new display creates the optimal shopping experience for the customer while educating them on waterproof, rigid core and the role it can play in their home,” Sanderson said.

Holding 40 slots for 24 x 24-inch swatch cards (included), it is compatible in design with all the new carpet displays, for a uniform look on the showroom floor. The display measures 68 x 72 x 22 inches.

All of the new Engineered Floors merchandising systems will be on display at TISE, booth# 1709.