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DMX Plastics tackles moisture issues

November 26/December 3, 2018: Volume 34, Issue 12

By Lindsay Baillie

DMX Plastics manufactures dimpled underlayments used primarily in applications where moisture is a problem. The company first started manufacturing dimpled membranes used to protect foundations from water in 2004, and then expanded its portfolio to include flooring underlayments.

“Our knowledge in protecting concrete foundations from water has helped us to protect flooring systems from water,” said Steve Sennik, president. “We are now the premier supplier of dimpled underlayments for flooring applications, too.”

Unlike some underlayments that trap incoming vapor moisture and prevent evaporation, DMX 1-Step Carpet Pad, which is patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9,869,100), is designed to allow vapor moisture to evaporate, according to Sennik. This helps minimize the chances of mold growth. The secret to DMX 1-Step Carpet Pad’s success is its unique design, which features a dimpled plastic core that is covered on both sides with a closed-cell foam that is both waterproof and comfortable. “The dimples create an air gap of a ¼ inch between the concrete slab and the finished floors,” he added. “This air gap allows the vapor moisture to evaporate. No moisture equals no mold.”

DMX 1-Step Carpet Pad is among a handful of carpet pads in the market with an air gap to help evaporate moisture. What’s more, the product’s dimples have a compressive strength of 6,000 pounds per square foot, which allows the pad to hold furniture equal to that weight. In addition to being 100% waterproof, DMX 1-Step Carpet Pad comes in rolls of 100-square-feet and boasts an easy installation—needing only vapor tape.

“At the end of the day, it is about creating a high value proposition for our customers,” Sennik said. “Most people want carpet in their basements for obvious reasons—it gives a warm, cozy feel that you cannot get with laminate, vinyl or tiles. We feel DMX 1-Step Carpet Pad gives customers this choice without worrying about mold/mildew in their carpet pad. Contractors will find that DMX 1-Step Carpet Pad installs quickly and easily.”

DMX Plastics will be exhibiting its patented dimpled carpet pad at TISE 2019 (booth# 457).

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