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Bridgeway Interactive, Creating Your Space host annual member conference

San Rafael, Calif.—Bridgeway Interactive and Creating Your Space (CYS) held their 18th annual member conference this past week in Napa Valley, Calif. The focus of this year’s conference was digital marketing and the introduction of new visualization tools that redefine the shopping experience for flooring both online and in store.

The digital marketing content focused not onlyon the tools and services available for members but on how Creating Your Space and Bridgeway Interactive measure, track and provide validation of the digital marketing enabling members to manage their businessesand effectively allocate their marketing spends.

The Visual AR Collection was presented with 12 new color and visualization tools creating a new shopping experience for in store, shop at home and online flooring consumers. Amongst the many functions, these tools help consumers and homebuyers find products with the new Tru-Color Matching System.This system allows the shopper to use any source of inspiration to match and find products her retailer has in his or her custom online product catalog.Once she finds a product, she can instantly visualize it in her home by using new tool called On The Fly Visualization.

“The Visual AR Collection merges the traditional sales process with new color and visualization tools to modernize the shopping experience,” said Michael Vogel, president and CEO of Bridgeway Interactive and Creating Your Space.“The brick and mortar experience of shopping for flooring and other interior products and the design center option experience have been essentially unchanged for 50 years.” Vogel further explained, that these tools have created a new way of shopping that is more consistent with the shopping experience in other industries where technology is integrated into the process making it easier, seamless, faster and more rewarding. Bridgeway Interactive and Creating Your Space are making the flooring shopping experience fun and something the consumer wants to do, not dreads.

Also announced at the conference was a new brand, Bridgeway Technologies, which will focus on selling visualization- and color-based technologies to flooring manufacturers. This initiative will further integrate the digital marketing of their member companies and their suppliers, improving the experience for consumers and homebuyers.