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Belknap White Group goes green

Mansfield, Mass.—The Belknap White Group (BWG) doesn’t just market and sell eco-friendly floorcovering products. The firm is one of the first companies of its kind to embody the green movement by retrofitting its buildings with energy-saving, environmentally sound, green technology.

"Eight years ago, we started out looking at ways for our company to not just be conscious of the green movement, but to get more involved," said Stephen Mancini, executive vice president, logistics of The Belknap White Group. "We did our research and found out that if we were to outfit our buildings with state-of-the-art exterior solar panels, not only would we ultimately be saving energy, we could qualify for tax credits and recognize savings in our electrical bills."

The roof of the firm’s Mansfield, Mass., main building, which housed inventory, was 25 years old. According to Mancini, it could use an upgrading.

"We soon discovered there were three areas which would benefit us, if we decided to go with an exterior solar panel program," Mancini said. "First of all, we could receive governmental tax credit. Secondly, we would qualify for solar renewable energy credit. And lastly, which initially we thought would be the main item to target, we’d be able to cut back on power and electricity expense."