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Havwoods presents high performance underlayments

New York, N.Y.—Havwoods International, a UK-based hardwood flooring supplier, is now providing options to absorb, block, break and isolate sound with three different underlayment products—Provent underlay, Unda-Tech Silver Backed underlay and Unda-Tech Gold Backed underlay.

Each product is flexible and easy to install as well as mold, bacteria, fungi and water resistant, according to the company. These products are also guaranteed for the serviceable lifetime of the flooring.

Provent, a noise-reducing underlay system, levels uneven subfloors and reduces sounds by up to 20dB. This product can not only be used with most hard flooring structures, but also under screed and above underfloor heating due to its impressive heat transparency. This multifunctional underlay helps eliminate underfloor vapor with a unique micro-pumping ventilation system, which includes vapor barriers.

Unda-Tech Silver Backed is a sponge rubber foil-backed underlay with high tensile strength and compression recovery. This product is suitable for the floating installation of laminate and solid timber floors typically used in high-volume commercial or residential projects. This soundproofing product has an impact sound reduction of 23dB on transmitted impact noise and is moisture protected.

Unda-Tech Gold Backed, a soundproofing foil-backed underlay, smooths uneven subfloor with high tensile strength and compression recovery. It is cushioning and has an impact sound reduction of up to 27 dB on transmitted noise. This product is suitable for a floating installation and ideal for high-volume commercial or residential projects where noise reduction, floor stability and water protection are key priorities.