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Extolling the performance attributes of RevWood Plus

“Wood without compromise.” That’s the overarching tagline and driving philosophy behind Mohawk’s new RevWood Plus collection—the step-up product to the entry-level RevWood line.

In developing RevWood Plus—an offering loaded with bells and whistles designed to boost performance attributes for end users and profits for dealers—Mohawk took into account the challenge active families face when evaluating wood flooring as an option for their homes. Compared to solid wood flooring, RevWood Plus aims to provide the solution for homeowners seeking stylish wood options that can perfectly accent any room design—all while meeting expectations that it will withstand the wear and tear active families place on their flooring.

“RevWood Plus is the premium offering in the line while RevWood is the opening price point,” Angela Duke, director of brand marketing, Mohawk Industries, explained. “It has more premium visuals, longer/wider planks and more textures, while RevWood features more of the commodity-type visuals. However, both brands feature state-of-the-art technology and are made in the U.S.”

Mohawk created RevWood Plus to deliverthe look and feel of authentic wood but providethe toughness and durability associated withlaminate flooring. The product boasts the abilityto keep spills, accidents and tracked-in stainmakers on the surface for quick and easy cleanup. What’s more, it is billed as a waterproof flooring system that’s scratch resistant.

Several distinct attributes of RevWood Plus work in conjunction to form what Mohawk calls a complete waterproof system. From the Uniclic MultiFit locking system to Mo- hawk’s GenuEdge pressed beveled edge and HydroSeal perimeter coating, these innovations are designed to trap liquids on the surface of the floor, thereby preventing damage to the core. The waterproof seal is so reliable, according to Mohawk, that consumers can even regularly wet mop a RevWood Plus floor—something unheard of with traditional laminate floors.

“With RevWood Plus, we have taken performance to the next level,” Duke said. “The combination of HydroSeal, GenuEdge bevel technology and the Uniclic glueless locking system—which keeps water from seeping past the joints—makes a complete waterproof sys- tem. On top of that, we are able to offer All Pet Protection as well. The end result is a product that’s much easier for the consumer to maintain.”

Mike Fleming, owner of Seattle-based Carpet Liquidators, has only had the product for about three months. But he likes what he’s seeing so far. “The waterproof story is a great feature for customers to do a trade-up sale in laminate vs. the [cheaper] competition in laminate,” he said.

And thanks to RevWood Plus’ environmentally friendly construction, it’s also a product that allows the homeowner to sleep easier—literally. “RevWood Plus products are low in VOCs, so it contributes to good indoor air quality as well,” Duke stated.