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Wagner Meters offers free e-book

Rogue River, Ore.—Wagner Meters is offering its free e-book, A Guide for Avoiding Wood Flooring Failures, to flooring professionals. The guide will be sent to anyone subscribing to Wagner’s educational flooring newsletter. Both the guide and newsletter are free and full of educational content.

The 40-page guide covers a wide range of topics, including: acclimation, adhesives, finishes, bamboo flooring, engineered flooring, subfloors and much more.

“Wood flooring failures are costly, and everyone loses when a floor has to be replaced,” said Jason Spangler, Wagner Meters’ flooring division manager. “Avoiding such failures before, during and after installation can be tricky. It begins with a thorough understanding of moisture, in the subfloor and floor, and how ambient conditions can affect both. That is the purpose of producing this guide—educating flooring professionals with relevant, helpful information on how to best prevent moisture-related wood flooring failures.”

Flooring professionals can obtain their free copy of A Guide for Avoiding Wood Flooring Failures by signing up for Wagner Meters’ bimonthly wood flooring newsletter