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Armstrong extends Diamond 10 tech to new collection

April 2/9, 2018: Volume 33, Issue 21


Lancaster, Pa.—Armstrong Flooring is extending its exclusive Diamond 10 Technology, which was first made available on its resilient sheet flooring line, to Appalachian Ridge, a new solid hardwood collection. Utilizing the technology, Armstrong Flooring believes it is able to deliver a beautiful solid hardwood that is more versatile and durable.

“Our research consistently shows solid hardwood is the most coveted flooring choice by consumers for its timeless beauty and the considerable value it adds to a home,” said Michael Bell, vice president-wood. “But a factor preventing some from purchasing is concern over scratches and maintaining that beauty over time. When investing in hardwood, consumers seek peace of mind that their floor will look beautiful for the long term. For many consumers, scratch is a top factor when considering the durability of the floor.”

Appalachian Ridge features scraped and brushed artisan effects combined with gentle sanding to create a refined, tactile canvas. When treated with carefully selected stains and color washes, this fusion of soft focus texture and multi-tonal colors creates a designer floor with subtlety and sophistication. “Converting shoppers into happy purchasers is every retailer’s goal, and gorgeous hardwood flooring that offers scratch resistance is a powerful tool that can help dealers close the sale,” Bell said.

Armstrong’s Appalachian Ridge is the second hardwood collection to incorporate Diamond 10 Technology. Paragon, which was introduced in late 2017, was the first of the company’s hardwood offerings to incorporate the advanced finish.