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Installments: The benefits of joining an industry association

October 10/17, 2016: Volume 31, Number 9

By Sarah Bays

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-22-25-amIn 2010, the IRS recognized 92,331 trade and professional associations and 1,280,739 charitable and philanthropic organizations. With so many active associations within the U.S. alone, it is not surprising that you may have recently been solicited to join an association that aligns with your profession, trade or outside interest.

Associations offer a wide range of benefits for both individuals and companies providing an avenue for professional growth and brand recognition. Here are seven benefits that professional associations provide:

  1. Information exchange. Associations offer members the opportunity to raise their level of awareness and gain valuable knowledge from other’s experiences. As a member you have access to valuable information. Whether it is the newest trend, a cutting-edge product/service or a tried-and-true practice, this shared information is an invaluable resource.
  2. Access to certification programs. Many associations provide industry-specific certification to help you separate yourself from your competitors. By becoming certified in your field of expertise and continuing your education year after year you show your employer and customers you have met standards established by a reputable program. It also shows you are committed to quality work and growing your expertise.
  3. Network for problem solving. Having access to a network of trusted peers is important. As a business, it is essential to align yourself with like-minded professionals who can share tips of the trade or work/life experiences.
  4. Educational and training opportunities. One of the best resources an association can provide is a venue for education and training for its members. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” said Benjamin Franklin. Having access to educational programs also lends itself to retaining and attracting employees because it shows you are willing to invest in their professional growth.
  5. Strengthen your competitive advantage. Take advantage of member resources including educational and networking opportunities to build a greater understanding of customer needs, gain referrals and brand recognition. By investing in an association you are investing in your company and this sets you above non-member competitors.
  6. Boost your network. When you join an association, you instantly gain a network of business associates that have similar goals and accomplishments. However, it is important to be an active member as this will significantly increase membership benefits. To that end, be sure to attend conferences and participate in industry events or join various committees within the association to get the most value.
  7. Gain elevated recognition and visibility within your industry. Associations exist to promote their members and the livelihood of the represented trade, profession or group interest. Assimilating with an association lends credibility to employees and the company, and contributes to your competitive edge over non-members.

FCICAlogo -1Associations pride themselves on the ability to bring like-minded individuals together for the greater good. By aligning yourself and company with a reputable organization, you are not only contributing your expertise but you are also gaining valuable connections, access to resources and the experience of your peers.