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USFloors grants sub-license rights for COREtec to Flooring Technologies, Välinge

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.45.20 AMHannover, Germany—Following the issuance of USFloors’ third COREtec patent, the company entered into sub-licensing arrangements with Unilin’s Flooring Technologies and Välinge, granting each the worldwide right to sub-license USFloors’ COREtec patents to their respective licensees.

“Having the two most important intellectual property licensing companies in the flooring industry validate the strength and importance of our COREtec WPC technology by entering into these arrangements is a significant achievement for USFloors,” said Piet Dossche, USFloors CEO and president. “These licensing partners will help us shepherd and grow the new category of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring products that we have created while avoiding the chaotic and unproductive battles that prior innovative leaps in the flooring field have spawned.”