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Tarkett introduces updated Johnsonite Safe-T-First system

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.25.09 PMSolon, Ohio—Tarkett, the worldwide leader in innovative flooring and sports surfaces solutions, has introduced its updated Safe-T-First system (STF). In compliance with International Building Code requirements, the revamped STF utilizes photoluminescent technology to provide a complete escape path marking system through emergency egress stairwells and hallways that may go dark in the event of a fire or other unexpected power outage.

Photoluminescence is a phenomenon caused by non-toxic, inorganic strontium aluminate crystals absorbing light source energy. During a fire or other unexpected power outage, the stored energy is released in the form of a yellow-green light. Particularly at a low location, where smoke is less dense, STF outlines continuous pathway elements to facilitate orientation and minimize panic.

Safe-T-First can be used as an entire system or as individual product solutions.