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MP Global introduces Perfectly Warm Peel and Stick

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.38.37 PMNorfolk, Neb.—MP Global Products has introduced Perfectly Warm Peel and Stick Radiant Heat for Tile Floors, an in-floor electric radiant heating system for added comfort and coziness to rooms with traditional tile, stone or marble flooring.

Perfectly Warm for Tile Floors complements the recently launched and well-received Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors. Both use a unique conductive ink technology embedded in a flexible thin film and generate gentle highly efficient supplemental heat from under the finished floor covering.

The clean, quiet, hypoallergenic and maintenance free lightweight system, sliver thin at just 0.05 inches, provides up to 85% heated surface coverage, without any hot or cold spots. Using only 12 watts per square foot, the system disperses gradual evenly consistent supplemental warmth from low wattage resistance heating of the radiant heat film.