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FloorFolio receives second patent for EnviroQuiet

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.25.06 AMEdison, N.J.—FloorFolio Industries has announced the issuance of its second patent for EnviroQuiet Luxury Vinyl Tile.

“EnviroQuiet was created to be a cost effective and simple solution to the needs of the end users. Being awarded the second patent helps to reinforce the solutions and values we offer our customers,” said Michael Freedman, president and CEO, FloorFolio Industries.

This announcement comes a week after the news of FloorFolio’s near complete U.S. factory. The second patent covers among many things, additional aspects of the EnviroQuiet design. This includes the unique sound attenuation features of the tile, as well as the innovative methods that FloorFolio uses to manufacture the EnviroQuiet, ensuring long-term stability and high performance. With the EnviroQuiet LVT, the 3mm sound-reducing underlayment is permanently attached during the manufacturing process, and helps to alleviate installation time and costs.