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Quick-Step launches ‘Style My Floor’ digital shopping tool

image001-13Dallas — Quick-Step announced the launch of a new digital shopping tool for consumers—“Style My Floor.”

Style My Floor is a free digital application for use on hand-held iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The Style My Floor app lets consumers realistically see on their hand-held device, in real time, what a particular Quick-Step floor would look like installed in any specific room of their home.

Using augmented reality technology, Style My Floor displays a virtual Quick-Step floor over the room’s existing floor when viewed on the device’s screen. This allows the consumer to accurately envision what their room will look like with the new Quick-Step floor, before making a purchase.

“In the same way that a consumer holds up her iPad to take a picture of her living room, Style My Floor allows her to view the room on the iPad screen —but instead of her current carpet, her eyes will see the Quick-Step floor of her choice as the actual floor of that real living room,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of brand marketing for Unilin (Quick-Step’s parent company). “With simply the stroke of a key, she can try out as many different Quick-Step floors as she wants to—in real time. Quick-Step’s entire line can be viewed with Style My Floor.”

The Style My Floor’s 360-degree view shows exceptional details of each Quick-Step product. In addition, users can take photos, share images, find a flooring retailer, and order up to five real product samples of Quick-Step flooring free through the app.