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Building and expanding social media reach

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.47.57 AMOntario, Calif. — Gary Hernandez, Jr., co‐founder of Flexitions and the Momentum Endeavors founder and president, is now offering seminars and workshops on building and expanding social media reach, the company announced.

Hernandez Jr. said his social media curriculum covers all aspects of successfully utilizing and integrating social media into a business and or brand for daily social media success and growth among the new generation of advertising and public relations platforms where businesses thrive today. His social media seminars and workshops also cover e-commerce business practices, implementation and strategy along with how to successfully blend online retailing into social media outlets.

“Social media today is an absolute must. There is a new breed of consumer in the market that won’t call you, email you or stop by at random. Most will even bypass traditional internet search engines,” Hernandez Jr. said. “The new consumer will turn to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to do their research, view images, read comments and discover new trends or products. The only thing they’ll do on the net is obtain driving directions to your retail store or search Google for a coupon code to use on your online store.”