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Desso, Philips to develop light emitting carpet

DESSO Logo&Tagline CMYKThe Netherlands—Lighting company Philips and carpet maker Desso said they will develop products that combine LED lighting with light transmissive carpet. 
The companies said the products will transform the way people interact with information and their environment in offices, hotels, conference centers and other public buildings.

LED light emitting carpets will provide many benefits in the areas of information, direction, inspiration and safety, according to their press release.
 For example, they will help guide people around buildings, including safety exits and routes, enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of the interior of buildings by combining lighting with design and color, and help de-clutter spaces by making information visible only when needed.

The products will be designed for high traffic areas and come in different colors, shapes and sizes.
The product name will be revealed in 2014 but the companies said they are already working on pilot projects in key markets.