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Tile of Spain wins award for Ceracasa’s Absolute collection

Tile of Spain logoMiami, Fla.—Tile of Spain, the brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER), has won a 2013 KBCulture Award for manufacturer Ceracasa’s Absolute porcelain tile line. Simulating semiprecious stone, Ceracasa’s Absolute collection achieves a high gloss polished finish on porcelain tile with six high gloss floor and wall tile colors.

KBCulture is a highly regarded online review of international products, places and perspectives central to kitchen and bath design, produced by Leslie Clagett, an industry editor and author. This is Tile of Spain’s third KBCulture win.

To create the high gloss of the Absolute collection, porcelain is fired at temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A special glaze is applied which, after firing, creates a top layer on the tile that is thicker than a normal tile glaze. This thick glaze is extremely hard and allows tiles to be polished to a high gloss by gradually removing fine layers of material.

“The near mirror-like finish of these tiles is remarkable, unlike any porcelain product I’ve seen,” said Clagett. “It gives them the appearance of polished gemstones.”

The Absolute collection also has the ability to fuse precious metals to the surface. The process is similar to the way tiles are glazed for the space shuttle, noted Clagett. Ionized metallic oxides are used in a vacuum with an oppositely charged adhesive on the surface of the tile. “The pressure and attraction of negative ions fuses the metals onto the surface. The tile is then fired at low temperatures in an oxygen-starved kiln, which leaves the pure metal behind and burns off impurities and adhesives. The result is a shimmering precious metal tile finish.”