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MP Global's QuietWalk passes golf ball test

MPglobalproducts.logoNorfolk, Neb.—An MP Global Products customer (a homeowner) recently used the golf ball test to evaluate the reduction of sound transmission capability of two different acoustic underlayments—one of which was QuietWalk—under a new floating wood floor to be installed over a wood subfloor.

It tested the sounds of a golf ball dropped on the floor (about 12 inches is a usual starting height for the test) and measured both the resulting tone from the bounced ball and the height of the bounce of the ball visually. This is a simple test that any homeowner or installer can conduct, even in the store. A lower bounce (i.e. rebound) indicates a better ability of the underlayment to absorb energy.

In the homeowner’s test, QuietWalk had a lower tone, which sounded better than the higher tone of the competition to the ears of the tester. And QuietWalk also “won” the bounce test—rebounding lower than the competition.