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After-sale follow-up

by Kelly Kramer

This article is from page 49 in my 184-page training manual “Selling Clean In Retail Flooring.” Is this a plug to sell my books and layout tools? You bet it is. But I’m always proud to show you various ways to help your buyers and grow your income.

The category that keeps good salespeople from becoming great is generally the starting point. When you think about how many sales you make in a year, you need to ask yourself how many of those people would refer their friends or neighbors to you.

As we all know, the easiest sales are made to return customers and referrals from friends and relatives. You most certainly will stumble upon a few extra sales if your past customers were happy with your performance, but let’s take it a few steps further.

You’ll need to set up a system you can use on a daily basis. The most consistent and proven method is to get a yearly calendar—one that gives you space to write in the dates. Start out by keeping a copy of each sale you make in another folder. When you put a copy of a sale in the folder, go to your calendar and mark the customer’s name down about three days after the installation date or pick up of a cash-and-carry. On that date simply call your new friend.

Your conversation should go something like, “Hi, Mrs. Johnson, this is Kelly from ABC Flooring. I’m just calling to make sure you are happy with your flooring purchase.”

Most of the time you’ll get a great response, but even if they are not happy, you at least have a chance to fix the problem. Many customers won’t call you if they are not happy and that will kill many future sales for you.

If there is a problem, fix it fast. This type of customer is an even stronger referral source than one that was happy the first time. The old saying, “We want good news fast and bad news faster,” is what this is all about.

After everyone says they are happy say, “I’d like to thank you again for your business and please call me direct if any problems should arise. I’m going to send you a few of my business cards; would you mind giving them to any friends who might need a good flooring person in the future?” Surprisingly many will give the name of someone on the spot.

Next, follow up by sending a thank you card with your business cards inside. Your company should have thank you cards printed with a company logo and “Thank You” on the front. But make sure you write a short, handwritten, personal thank you inside.


Next, mark on your calendar that same customer to contact about every six months. Your saved invoices will also provide you with a list of names to send out holiday greeting cards. Insurance agents use this method to great successes.

When I wrote my book, Facebook and Twitter did not exist. But if you are computer savvy, I know you can make a calendar online to complete much of this follow-up strategy. Birthday notes and specials sales ideas come to mind. Don’t call me on how to do that because I am an old timer.

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Thanks for reading.