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Consolidated Carpet helps renovate NCS headquarters

Pictured above (L to R): Julie May of IFMA Cares, Kristine Scotto of Consolidated Carpet, Ira L. Mandelker of NCS, Sonya Verny of IFMA Cares & Michael Moskowitz of IFMA Cares.

New York, N.Y. – Consolidated Carpet is proud to announce its participation in the recent renovation of the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter’s (NCS) New York City headquarters. Consolidated donated adhesives and over 1,800 square feet of carpet tile to the non-profit organization, whose goal is to end homelessness for men, women and youth who have aged out of foster care in New York.

Along with IFMA Cares, Consolidated Carpet worked to renovate the outdated and worn-out flooring in the NCS office. Over three days, the new carpet was expertly installed with labor generously donated by the Greater New York Floor Coverers Association Promotional Fund. IFMA Cares’ relationship with NCS was established through various community-based donations and projects over the past decade.

“New floor covering was so long overdue at our office,” said Ira L. Mandelker, Ph.D., executive director at NCS. “The carpet looks great and makes such a difference. Because of this generous donation by Consolidated Carpet and the Greater New York Floor Coverers Association Promotional Fund, more of our resources can be used for our mission –housing for homeless and at-risk people, vocational training, and providing the support people need to remain stable in the community, including mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment. It has made a tremendous difference to the staff working at our office.”

On December 19, 2012, members of the IFMA Cares board joined together with team members from NCS and Consolidated Carpet to honor their generous donation during a ceremony at the renovated office. IFMA Cares Committee chair Michael Moskowitz of Bermuda Limousine International, along with Committee board members Julie May of Innovant and Sonya Verny of FSO Outsourcing awarded honors to Dr. Mandelker and Kristine Scotto of Consolidated Carpet.

The installation was completed in several phases over two days during the first week of October 2012 to accommodate the non-profit’s office as it was still operational during the installation. Two Consolidated Carpet installers completed the project, paying special attention to the working space, office furniture and curved-wall architecture. The navy blue carpet tile was installed in a monolithic pattern within the space.