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Upcoming CTDA webinar: "What every retailer can learn from Apple"

The next Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA) webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, December 12th at 11 am Central on “What every retailer can learn from Apple” with James Dion, founder and president of the Dionco.

What’s it all about:

There’s a reason why Apple is the most admired company for the fourth year, according to a survey by Fortune of business people who were asked to vote for the company that they admired the most. And there’s a reason for their sales revenue at almost $6,000 per sq. ft. (compare this to about $900 for Best Buy). The reason is that every product is a head turner. However, a rock solid product line is not the only reason why Apple has so many followers all over the world. Designed to simplify and enhance the presentation and marketing of personal computing products, Apple stores are feasts for the eye and are intended to guide the intellectual and emotional experience of the customer through the store.

Nothing is left to chance, every detail matters – just like with their products (as a matter of fact, Apple stores are intended to mirror their products). Then, there is the human side, or the people that they aim to attract to work for the company, and the way it gets them to join. And, finally, there are the stories of the stellar customer service crowding the blogosphere. Take a tour with us behind the scenes and find out what Apple does that you can, too. Learn how to have a clear, consistent and simple vision to guide you in everything you do in a store.

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