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Tai Ping announces Ginger Gilbert as global creative director

New York — Ginger Gilbert joined Tai Ping in 2008 to lead the design of the company’s new wool carpet tile division. Over the past four years she has become a multi-disciplined design driver, recognized for the use of innovative materials and techniques that continually evoke a sense of sophistication in a constantly evolving market.

Gilbert’s creative prowess is undeniable, and she has quickly excelled to become global creative director for the company’s commercial division–1956 by Tai Ping­­­–as well as for its contract division and its Thailand-based subsidiary, Carpets Inter. When asked about her goals for this new position, her response was clear: to take risks with innovative design to raise the aesthetic and overall expectations of flooring for commercial and contract applications.

With Tai Ping since 2008, Ginger Gilbert is now the company's global creative director of commercial and contract divisions.

Gilbert brings 22 years of experience in design to her new position. With a work history grounded by 12 years as an interior designer, Gilbert transitioned easily into the carpet industry in 2002, bringing a holistic perspective to the needs of the design community as they relate to textile finishes. As colorist & custom specialist at Mannington Commercial, followed by segment design manager for Shaw Contract Group, Gilbert gained a valuable understanding of the commercial market that would inevitably help formulate her vision for Tai Ping’s offering.

“One of the most extraordinary aspects of being with Tai Ping is that it affords me access to a multitude of crafts that most creatives have lost touch with. When you encompass all of our disciplines, the possibilities are infinite,” said Gilbert. “In this new role, I look forward to further advancing our commercial and contract brands by committing to meeting designers’ needs through true product innovation.”

As the head of commercial and contract design globally, Gilbert travels extensively across North America, Europe and Asia. She enjoys the balance of pastoral living in Calhoun, Ga., with the regular travel that keeps her connected to and in tune with the numerous countries in which Tai Ping does business.