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Tennant introduces sustainable soy-based urethane coating

Minneapolis — Tennant Company, a leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world, announces the launch of the floor care industry’s first known sustainable urethane floor coatings that are 50% soy plant-based and specifically designed for manufacturing, industrial, and warehousing facilities. Eco-ITS coatings are bio-based urethane floor coverings made using a 95% plant-based BiOH polyol supplied under an exclusive agreement with Cargill.

Tennant’s Eco-ITS, which protects floors and offers a sustainable coating application that improves productivity and minimizes shutdowns, offers:

§ Durability – Similar protection and performance as Tennant’s WearGuard technology, which has millions of square feet of coatings applied worldwide

§ Sustainability – An environmentally friendly solution using up to 50% plant-based renewable technology

§ Low VOCs – With just 21 g/L VOCs (clear) and 23-46 g/L VOCs (color), can be used even where low VOCs are required by law

§ LEED Credit Availability – LEED Green Building Certification Program credits for Indoor Environmental Quality (4.2—Low-Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings) and Materials and Resources (6.0—Rapidly Renewable Materials)

§ Professional Appearance – Available in clear or a variety of colors and in either gloss or satin finish to complement your image and transform your floor

§ Versatility – With combined durability and sustainability, can be used in virtually any type of facility that benefits from floor coatings

“We’re committed to formulating products that not only help our customers create cleaner facilities but that also help meet their sustainability goals,” says Mickey Gubman, director of Coating Technologies for Tennant Company. “Eco-ITS offers superior durability while utilizing renewable resources. We believe facility and sustainability managers will benefit from the use of a bio-based polyol in our Eco-ITS gloss and satin urethane coatings.”

Added Gubman, “Tennant Eco-ITS complements our existing line of sustainable floor coatings and for the first time offers the vast majority of manufacturing, industrial, and warehousing facilities a high-quality, affordable, sustainable plant-based floor coating.”