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QT Sound Insulation provides impact sound control

Lancaster, Pa. – QT Sound Insulation, a patented line of high-quality sound control underlayments, is ideal for multi-family housing, high rises, single family homes, and office buildings. Manufactured by ECORE International, a company where recycling meets original thinking, QT Sound Insulation is made in the U.S.A. from 92 percent recycled rubber.

Backed by over 200 independent laboratory tests, QT Sound Insulation features two products: QT sound control underlayment is a patented, flat, resilient underlayment used directly under floor finishes. It yields exceptional results under hard surface flooring and over concrete and wood joist construction. QT resilient base mat is a dimpled, resilient mat that can be applied under gypsum or full weight concrete to produce some of the thinnest sound rated systems in the industry.

Both QT products have been engineered to meet design requirements and all established indoor air quality standards and building codes. The product and engineering support provided by QT guarantees that it will work as specified every time. To learn more about QT sound insulation visit: