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Young appointed OW Hospitality's director of global sales

London — OW Hospitality today announced the appointment of Jonathan Young, formerly of Brintons Carpets as the “Director of Global Sales” for the company. Mr. Young will be tasked with leading the sales effort worldwide for OW Hospitality as they continue with their aggressive expansion plans in the hospitality carpet segment. Young’s experience in hospitality dates back 30+ years and he has worked in key positions for such successful companies as Milliken in both the USA and international markets, and most recently as CEO of Brintons US Axminster Inc. Young will be based in the company’s US office.

Jonathan Young

Michael Riley, CEO & managing director of OW Hospitality commented, “As Oriental Weavers Group has committed major resources to the growth in this sector of their business, it was evident that we needed an industry leader to provide complimentary strategic vision and leadership for the company’s efforts. Jonathan Young was the first candidate that even came to mind and we are very lucky that he shared the vision of the opportunity for OWH in the hospitality business and knows how to build a first rate sales team.” The window of opportunity is wide open at present for a number of reasons and we plan to take full advantage of the turmoil in this segment to fuel our expansion and investment in the business.”

Young said, “There is unquestionably a tremendous void in the high quality Axminster business at the moment and there is no doubt that OW Hospitality has identified the gaps and has committed tremendous resources to this business. I like to call it a fantastic start up with a head start!” The energy level and excitement at the company is second to none and from what I have seen from the marketing efforts and the commitment to growing capacity, OW is the kind of company I wanted to align myself with for the long term. With aggressive thinking, sound financial backing and a manufacturing operation second to none. I am truly excited to be a key part of OW jumping to the next level and extremely pleased that we shared a mutual vision for this business.”