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Bentley Prince Street wins 3rd GSA Evergreen Award

Philadelphia—Bentley Prince Street’s commitment to being an environmentally conscientious company was once again recognized by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), which honored the California carpet mill with its third Evergreen Award

Run through GSA’s Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC), the Evergreen Award Program was developed in 1998 “to recognize the efforts of industry partners who do business in an environmentally-friendly way.”

Anthony Minite

Forty businesses were considered for the 2011 Evergreen Award, which was presented to one business in each of the following categories: Furnishings and Floor Coverings; Furniture; Technologies and Electronics; Sports and Recreation, and Small Business. In determining the winners, IWAC evaluates companies in five areas: Waste prevention, recycling, affirmative procurement, environmental preferability and model facility.

Bentley was honored in the Furnishings and Floor Coverings category.

Linda Chero, GSA Regional Commissioner for Federal Acquisition Service, said the winning companies have done “an outstanding job of making environmentally-friendly options available to our federal customers and are committed to helping us reduce waste and save taxpayer dollars. Their commitment helps GSA to green the government’s supply chain while creating a more sustainable environment and building a greener future.”

In announcing the winners, IWAC stated Bentely is committed “to sustainable commerce and innovations to integrate style and function with environmental practices through its Mission Zero [initiative], which it would go on to praise because of the program’s goal of “eliminating any negative impact the company has on the environment by the year 2020.”

Anthony Minite, Bentley’s president said the award “says to our customers and to the world we truly care about the impact our actions have on the environment and we are doing everything in our power to protect the planet. It’s an honor I am proud to share with all our associates.”

For more on Bentley and its environmental initiatives, call 800.423.4709. For more on the Evergreen Award, visit