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Armstrong receives patent for Casablanca LVT design

Armstrong Commercial Flooring announced the issuance of United States Patent no. D653, 4595 for its award-winning Casablanca design in the popular Natural Creations Luxury Vinyl Tile collection. The patent was issued on February 7, 2012. 


Casablanca is a damask-like visual that combines a textile feel with a unique printed pattern.  The palette contains earth based neutrals in warm and cool tones designed to effortlessly compliment other interior finishes.

“Armstrong is proud of the artistic quality of this pattern, and of the versatility it brings to contract interiors,” said Di Anna Borders, Armstrong senior designer.   “Casablanca was designed with a soft, textured look, reminiscent of carpet. This patented design is exclusive to Armstrong – if a designer loves this look, they will find it at only at Armstrong.”

In addition to Casablanca, the Natural Creations LVT offers two additional coordinating patterns as part of the Spice City Collection – Morocco and Marrakesh – in five colors for a wide range of design possibilities.  Casablanca can be used as an accent with a coordinating pattern or used as an overall. Coordinated patterns make it effortless to link different interior spaces within a facility.

Armstrong is focused on helping its customers create the right environment and the right experience for those who will be in these spaces.  The design team evaluates each product, not only on the merits of design, but on its overall functionality, quality/durability, aesthetics/style, environmental sustainability and pricing.

NATURAL CREATIONS’ products feature a durable, abrasion-resistant wear layer; the UV-cured polyurethane coating may eliminate the need for polishes and spray buffing in some applications, saving customers time and money. NATURAL CREATIONS is FloorScore certified to California Section 01350 for low VOC emissions, complies with LEED credit EQ 4.3 for indoor air quality and credit EQ 4.1 for adhesives comply and is compatible with Green Guide for Health Care GGHC-IEC4.3 and Collaborative for High Performance Schools CHPS-EIQ2.2 and LABS-21 IEQ4.3. Estimated price ranges from $4.75-$6.75 per sq. foot, uninstalled.

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