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Surya Showcases newly launched iPad app

Calhoun, Ga. — Surya, a manufacturer of area rugs and home accessories, recently announced the launch of its iPad and iPhone app. The app allows retailers, designers, and consumers an easy-to-use, inspiring medium to browse Surya’s vast array of rugs, pillows, wall art and poufs.

“Surya products have intricate, hand-woven design elements, and the new app allows people to experience products in a more intimate and convenient way,” said Satya Tiwari, president. “The zoom-in functionality, for example, helps people see our products’ finer details, which are just not possible to appreciate fully on the web.”

Surya’s mission is to make the buying process, which can be complex, easier for the rug and home accessories industry. Technology helps simplify the buying process, and Surya has been on the cutting edge, helping retailers understand and forge ecommerce platforms and now bringing mobile apps to the industry. Tiwari said, “One of the best ways that we can serve our customers and advance our industry is to invest in tools that make it easy to understand our products and thus easier to do business.”

The Surya app is free and can be downloaded from Surya iTunes page for iPad and iPhone usage. The app will be available for Android devices soon.