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Indusparquet successful in U.S. market

Medley, Fla.—Since launching its brand nationwide in the US last June, IndusParquet has received a warm welcome from flooring distributors and has seen a steady increase in sales. The manufacturer’s key point of difference in the exotic hardwood flooring category is its easily-accessible inventory in the US, as the company is the only exotic manufacturer to offer domestic service. IndusParquet also offers a great deal of product variety with more than 100 unique exotic hardwood species, each produced with the highest level of quality.

“We developed our US launch strategy in large part due to the void present in the exotic flooring category,” said Jason Strong, IndusParquet Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Distributors were in need of an exotic manufacturer that could deliver stunning and high-quality products quickly and we’re able to offer that on-demand service with our 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Miami, FL. We’ve loaded the warehouse with millions of dollars of inventory to back up distributors and ensure timely supply.”

On a recent trip to the mill in Brazil, president of All Tile Distributing, Bobby Weiss, said, “I am amazed at the state-of-the-art IndusParquet manufacturing process. The care that the company takes in producing their products is incredible—from the fact that they allow each wood specie to breathe naturally to the fact that people oversee every detail of the manufacturing process. Visiting the facility in Brazil solidified our extreme confidence in IndusParquet products.”

IndusParquet flooring is manufactured with a proprietary process designed to keep products as beautiful as they are when installed.

The IndusParquet manufacturing process includes:

· A ClearVue colorless, crystal clear finish that helps ensure lasting durability

· Breathe, a proprietary natural wood drying process that addresses the unique characteristics of each wood specie. The wood is given the required time to dry in a fresh air environment where it can breath and relax, making the wood more durable

· Induro, an advanced, aluminum-oxide formulation where crystals are embedded as part of the nine-coat process delivering unprecedented scratch and abrasion resistance

· Longlength, a process where hardwood floors are milled in random short, medium and long length planks for prime variety