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Inspectors earn NALFA certification

WASHINGTON—A total of 126 laminate flooring inspectors earned professional certification from the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA), making them the first to complete the course dedicated exclusively to quality laminate flooring.

“Designation as a certified laminate flooring inspector has multiple benefits,” said Bill Dearing, NALFA’s president. “It provides inspectors business exposure on the NALFA website; it allows them to profit from networking with some of the best inspectors in the business; it provides direct and privileged access to the technical support services of NALFA members, and it keeps them constantly updated on all technical innovations in laminate flooring.”

The curriculum for the one-day class includes NALFA history, a “Laminate 101” course, installation requirements, inspection tools and standards, product defect review, and inspection reporting and process.

The next class will be held in conjunction with Surfaces on Jan. 27 in Las Vegas. The fee is $350. For more information, call 423.316.1566.