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Shaw Floors opens with Tyler Florence at 2011 Kitchen of the Year

New York—Shaw Floors was the flooring provider for the fourth year in a row at the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year, which opened this week at Rockefeller Plaza here. Tyler Florence, celebrity chef and television personality, designed the kitchen for ultimate functionality of use and comfort.

“There’s no place other than the kitchen where people really want to hang out,” Florence said. “The floors themselves are almost the most important piece of furniture in a room. You can move chairs and couches, but your floor decision is possibly the most important decision you can make. It’s a reflection of who you are.”

Florence chose Shaw’s Grand Canyon floors for the 2,500-square-foot area. “These floors look great in the space,” he said. “The satin shine bounces light back into the room. and the soft element balances out the crisp, stainless steel effect of the appliances.”

Grand Canyon is also an opportunity to convey values of sustainability with the product’s green story. “It is the first 8-inch solid plank made 100% from recycled mill by-products,” said Todd Callaway, marketing manager for Shaw Residential. Comparing it to a butcher block construction, he said the tightly compressed structure of hickory—an inherently strong specie—combined with the mill’s proprietary ScufResist finish will allow the floor to stand up to the traffic that is sure to come.

Events will take place this week including presentations from suppliers such as Shaw, cooking demonstrations from Florence and other chefs from New York restaurants sponsoring the project. The kitchen will then serve snacks and cocktails as Bar 30, which will open August 1st.

To track the progress of the event, follow Shaw Floors’ Facebook page.