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Mohawk’s FSC wood products available immediately

Dalton—Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products manufactured by Mohawk are available with no order limits or waiting time in getting certified products shipped to buyers.

“Mohawk is proud to announce there are no delays with us getting FSC products,” said Dewevai Buchanan, vice president, Mohawk Hardwood Division. “Because of our size, Mohawk has to have significant quantities of product on hand before we release it into our distribution network. We have those quantities.”

Products available include Kingsmill, a 5-inch wide engineered elm, featuring band-saw blade marks; Queenstown Reclaimed, a 5-inch width engineered distressed pine or hickory from reclaimed U.S. woods, and Zanzibar, a 5-inch wood product with a beautiful time-worn look that was recently featured in House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year.

Buchanan cautioned buyers to make sure that products—not facilities—are FSC certified when making specification and purchase choices.

“FSC also certifies facilities, but this does not necessarily mean that the product is FSC certified and eligible for LEED points,” he said.  “This is an important distinction to make. With Mohawk FSC certified wood products, you are guaranteed point rich products with no supply issues.”

To learn more about Mohawk’s FSC certified products, see your Mohawk representative